Welcome to the Muhammad Ali FanPage!

Thank you all very much for keeping this site alive by your many many visits! As of today (Jan 1, 2008) 834,256 people have found their way to this site! More than 1,000 of you have signed the guestbook since October 2000.

To illustrate that you have indeed come from all over the world, I have created this map (see below) indicating the countries that the guestbook entries stem from.

I am sure that this is only an inadequate representation of the real number (also, roughly 1/4 of all entries did not indicate a country) so please sign into the guestbook so that the map can grow...

You find the guestbook here.

I will try to update the map regularly.

Thank you again for you compliments and encouraging words! I continue to be amazed about the impact Muhammad Ali has all around the globe!


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