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In the following, you find all the answers to the questions I raised.

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Johannes Ehrmann

1. Who of the following fighters did not knock Ali down?
Sonny Banks Joe Frazier Ken Norton Henry Cooper

Ken Norton is - despite his being one of Ali's toughest opponents and fighting Ali three times - the only one of these four boxers who did not knock Ali down.

2. To whom of his four wives was Ali married for the shortest time?
Sonji Roi Belinda Boyd Veronica Porche Lonnie Williams

Sonji Roi was not only Ali's first wife but also the one he was married to for the shortest time (from August of 1964 until January of 1966). Her not living according to the strict rules of the Black Muslims led to divorce from Ali.

3. Who finally ended the Ali vs Larry Holmes bout after the tenth round?
The referee Drew 'Bundini' Brown Ali himself Angelo Dundee

It was Angelo Dundee who ended the uneven bout of the aging, ill Ali against young champion Larry Holmes. Despite heavy protests by Bundini, chief second Dundee put an end to the tortures of his fighter.

4. Who is the woman standing beside Ali on this photo?
Sonji Roi Odessa Clay Lana Shabazz Lonnie Williams

The woman on the photo is Lana Shabazz who met Ali in 1962 and became his long-time cook, preparing his food according to Muslim rules.

5. Who was the author of the 1971 New York Times article titled "I Don't Have to Be What You Want Me to Be", says Muhammad Ali ?

Arthur Daly Robert Lipsyte Thomas Rogers Steve Cady

The correct answer is Robert Lipsyte who wrote a number of articles on young Clay/ Ali - some can be found at (see link section on this page).

6. What is the name of the German stadium the Ali vs Karl Mildenberger bout took place in?

Olympiastadion Waldstadion Westfalenstadion Fritz-Walter-Stadion

Ali's championship fight against German contender Karl Mildenberger in 1966 was staged in Frankfurt's Waldstadion, still being used as soccer stadium.

7. "My face is so pretty, you don't see a scar, which proves..."
How do the lyrics of the song "Black Superman" by Johnny Wakelin continue?

"...I'm the king of the ring by far" "... what bums my opponents are" "... I'm the world's greatest boxer by far" "... that I haven't been beaten so far"

The first answer would have been correct here: "My face is so pretty, you don't see a scar, which proves I'm the king of the ring by far"

8. Who of the following was not part of the Louisville Sonsering Group ?

Elbert Sutcliffe Robert Bingham Wilbert McClure James Todd

Wilbert "Skeeter" McClure was a boxer from Toledo, also participating in the 1960 Rome Olympics.

9. Which president did not invite Ali to the White House?

Lyndon B. Johnson Gerald Ford Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton

LBJ was the only one who didn't invite Ali to the White House - not very surprising if one considers Ali's stand on the Vietnam War and the anger it caused for the government of that time...

10. Where did Ali's mother's grandfather (i.e. Ali's great grandfather) come from?

Scotland Germany Ireland Belgium

Ali's motherly great-grandfather was Abe Grady, an Irish immigrant.

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